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And Policies

Tuition Rate

Class Length (Minutes)
Tuition/School Year

*This is a flat monthly rate that is based on 35 classes per course in 2023-2024 school year, and not impacted by the holiday(s) when the studio is closed. August 2023 is counted as half a month and May 2024 is counted as a full month.

**Drop-ins are allowed for adult classes only.

Registration Fee*


*Registration fee is a one-time payment for new students enrolled in the youth classes. This fee is waived for:

  • the returning students.

  • all the adult students.

Tuition Discount

Discount Type
Discount Rate
Sibling Registration
Multiple Courses (2)
Multiple Courses (3)
Multiple Courses (4)
Multiple Courses (5)

1. Sibling registration discount and multiple-course discount can be applied at the same time.

2. Multiple-course discount does not apply to any private class(es).

3. Multiple-course discount does not apply to any drop-in class(es).

Tuition Policies

Prior to attending class, all parents and adult students are required to sign and agree to our waiver. 

Youth students must enroll for the 2023-2024 session starting from the enrolling day to May 2024. A registration fee of $30 for new youth students is due upon the date of registration or by the student's first class. A pre-paid tuition for May 2024 is required along with the tuition for the first month of 2023-2024. 

There is no registration fee for adults.

The Competition Team has its own tuition policy in place. If you're interested in joining our Competition Team and would like to learn more about the tuition details, please contact us.


All subsequent tuition payments are due monthly by the first class of that month. Students may pay tuition via check, cash, Venmo (@NanaBalletATX), or Zelle ( If using Zelle, please set up recurring payments on or no later than the 7th of each month. Payments made after the 7th of each month will incur a $10 late fee. 

Written notice of cancellation must be given 14 days prior to the next billing date via email ( No full or partial monthly payments will be returned. Registration, tuition, and all fees are non-refundable. Pre-paid tuition could be used for the tuition of the last month if the notification of cancellation is given at least a month prior to the billing date of the last month. All students are subject to repayment of the registration fee upon returning after cancellation. 

Should a student miss a class for any reason, they may contact us to arrange a make-up class within the same age group. If no class is available within the student's age range, there will be no makeup class. Make-up classes must be scheduled with Nana Ballet directly and in advance. No make-up classes will be available to students who have canceled or are no longer registered at Nana Ballet. 

Missed days due to inclement weather or any uncontrolled situation will not be made up nor will tuition be refunded. 

Recital and Costume Fees

We have recital and costume fees associated with each student's participation in our end-of-year performance. The amount of these fees varies each year, depending on the cost of costumes, props, and other materials required for the show. For 2023-2024 school year, the recital fee is approximately $50-60 per student, and the costume fee is approximately $40-60 per piece. We strive to keep these fees as low as possible, while still providing our students with a high-quality performance experience. The recital fee is due upon the first class of November and the costume fee is due upon the first class of January. 

The recital is a mandatory part of the ballet experience at our studio. All students are required to participate in the recital unless notification is given to the school by the first class in November. The recital fee, as well as the costume fee, is non-refundable.

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